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At Kool Smiles, our dream is to create a world of happy, healthy smiles. We believe that every family in America deserves quality dental care, and that’s what drives us to open dental offices in underserved communities. And it's why we're selecting smart, talented people like you to join us. At Kool Smiles, you can make a difference in the lives of kids and families who might not otherwise have access to quality dental care.

Dentistry Community Outreach

Kool Smiles understands the importance of oral health and encourages its offices to assist other organizations in improving the health of our communities. We partner with daycare centers and community organizations to provide needed oral health screenings and supplies. We also frequently partner with state agencies and dental associations to find ways to lower the barriers for all children and their parents to receive the dental care they deserve.

Kool Smiles also works closely with schools near our offices to help ensure children are getting the quality dental care they need and deserve. Kool Smiles provides free oral health education to children, parents, and educators, as well as free dental screenings, to help school officials ensure students are healthy and free from dental problems that may affect their ability to learn.

Through volunteering, sponsorships, and participation in local events, we help local community organizations thrive. It's common to see our community relations team providing toys to the Toys for Tots program, stuffing backpacks for Back to School initiatives, or packing grocery bags at the local food bank because we believe in helping the community grow and prosper.

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Kool Smiles Company Culture

Our company is about helping people have healthy smiles. We work every day to improve oral health and build self-esteem in all patients from all walks of life. Kool Smiles employees also have a lot to smile about, because we know we're part of a worthwhile mission.

Our offices are very professional yet because we work with children, fun is an integral part of the job. We often have to think of creative ways to keep patients happy and parents smiling. Impromptu puppet-shows, sing-alongs and storytelling can happen whenever duty calls. Every month has a reason for celebrating—it might mean decorating the office for Valentine's day or dressing up for Halloween and it always means having fun. This mission-driven, fun culture creates a unified, family-like atmosphere throughout all of our dental and business offices.

When you talk about making a difference in the world, you talk about changing one child's life, you have the opportunity to do that every day.
Dr. Polly

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