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Kool Smiles Releases New Oral Health Care Lesson Plans for Teachers and Free Toothbrushes for Pupils

Oct 07, 2013

Children across the nation are back to school and in addition to paper, pencils and other typical school supplies, they are coming home with toothbrushes supplied by Kool Smiles dental offices – that’s if their teacher downloads the Kool Smiles Dental Lesson Plans designed to help kids better understand the importance of brushing and flossing.

“Healthy children have the best opportunity for learning and good dental hygiene can make the difference in a positive outlook on school and life,” said D Ray Gifford, DDS, and Managing Dental Director for Kool Smiles in Texas and Arizona. “We hope teachers take advantage of the Kool Smiles Lesson Plans and inform their students about brushing after meals and taking care of their teeth. For every lesson plan downloaded from the Kool Smiles website, a teacher will receive free toothbrushes for all classroom students!”

Children rarely talk about the discomfort they are feeling at the early stage of dental problems. Instead it can show up as anxiety, sleeplessness and problems eating. All of these can affect classroom performance.  Later, cavities can result in severe pain and swelling or even the loss of a tooth. The American Dental Association reports that more than half of all children ages 5 to 9 have at least one cavity or filling, and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states chronic tooth decay affects US children more than any other chronic disease.

“Regular dental check-ups every sixth months and visiting a pediatrician regularly are an important part of a health care routine that all children need,” said Dr. Gifford. “Prevention is key to good oral health and we educate both parents and children on how to have a healthy mouth for life. Daily brushing and flossing and attention to nutritional foods and drinks positively impact the health of our teeth.”

Many states require a certificate of dental health for first time students before they can enter home room. Proof of good dental health is also required by many schools and youth sport organizations before kids can participate in their favorite extra-curricular activities. Find a dentist near you.

Kool Smiles Lessons provide a detailed plan to help educators teach children about the importance of teeth and oral health. They include brushing and flossing vocabulary, education, and both classroom and downloadable activities.

With limited dental access for most of the nation’s poor, Kool Smiles wants to bridge the dental divide by bringing oral health education to the classroom – a place that all children are guaranteed access.

To download the dental lesson plan click http://www.mykoolsmiles.com/dentallessonplans.

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