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Seven Essential Dental Specialist Types

From fixing misaligned teeth to performing complicated oral surgery, there are many types of dental specialist roles available for those seeking an exciting career in dentistry.

With the number of patients increasing, dental specialists are in high demand. Regardless of their specialty, jobs are available for dentists across the nation.

A Need for All Types of Dentists

There is a need in the United States for dental specialists of all types. As the population grows and many experienced dentists retire, there are new jobs available. This expanding job market extends to all types of dental specialists. 

Seven Types of Dental Specialists 

There are nine essential dental specialist types, including:

1. Endodontics

Endodontists address issues involving teeth's dental pulp and nerves. These specialists often perform root canals. 

2. Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology

An oral radiologist looks beneath the surface. Relying on x-rays, these doctors manage diseases, disorders and damage to teeth and facial bones.

3. Dental Public Health

Dentists who specialize in public dental health are concerned with the positive dental well-being of a community rather than for singular patients. Their efforts focus on dental health education, community oral health programs and the overall prevention of dental diseases on a larger scale.

4. Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology 

Oral Pathologists focus on the cause behind oral disorders. This type of dental specialist is qualified to perform biopsies for diagnoses.

5. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Oral surgeons conduct operations including wisdom tooth removal, cleft pallet and lip repair, dental implants and facial reconstruction.

6. Orthodontics

Focusing on the alignment of the jaw and teeth, orthodontists use a variety of methods to treat the bites of children and adults. 

7. Pediatric Dentistry

Usually receiving an extra two years of education beyond dental school, pediatric dentists specialize in treating developing mouths.

8. Periodontics

Periodontic dentists focus on the health of the tissues that support and surround teeth, such as the gums. They work to prevent, diagnose and treat diseases or conditions that affect these areas directly.

9. Prosthodontics

Dentists who specialize in prosthodontics are concerned with the function, health and maintenance of biocompatible dental substitutes such as dentures and veneers.

Dental Specialist Positions at Kool Smiles

Kool Smiles is currently accepting applications for many dental specialist types.

A rewarding dental career is about more than just accepting a job. If you join the Kool Smiles team, you can impact lives every day.

Kool Smiles is committed to improving the lives of children and their families. Kool Smiles offices are often located in underserved communities and provide quality, affordable dental care.

Financial Rewards for Kool Smiles Dental Specialists 

Giving back to the community leads to a satisfying career. For all dental specialist types, joining Kool Smiles also has many financial rewards. 

In addition to phenomenal pay, dental specialists of all types can receive up to a $20,000 signing bonus. Kool Smiles benefits are also outstanding. With locations across the country, there are many opportunities for advancement and growth. 

Connect with a Kool Smiles recruiter to learn about dental specialist careers at Kool Smiles.



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