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Job Opportunities For Dentists | Contact a Recruiter!

From financial security to the satisfaction of giving back to the community, joining the Kool Smiles team offers many benefits. Dentists can find job opportunities across the nation at many of Kool Smiles' 120+ locations. Browse the dental jobs available and contact a recruiter today to get started!

Three Reasons Kool Smiles is the Right Opportunity for Dentists

Kool Smiles offers dentists opportunities and advantages that others do not. The Kool Smiles difference includes:

  1. At Kool Smiles, you'll have the opportunity to make a great living. Not only will you receive great compensation, some locations offer a sign-on bonus of up to $20,000. 

    Along with competitive pay and great benefits, you'll also have opportunity for advancement at many locations across the country. Plus, you'll enjoy working with a team of enthusiastic and hard-working dental professionals. 

  2. By helping others, you'll find meaning in your career. Kool Smiles jobs provide dentists the opportunity to give back to the community. We provide care to patients in many underserved locations. We focus on children because we believe every child deserves access to quality dental care. 

    Whether you are a pediatric dentist, oral surgeon, orthodontist or hygienist, every day you'll go to work knowing you are making a positive impact on someone's life. Many careers make you choose between making a great living and helping others. At Kool Smiles you can have both. 

  3. Kool Smiles jobs afford dentists opportunities to combat an urgent medical need. Tooth decay was named the top children's chronic health issue by the surgeon general. Kool Smiles' mission is to fix this problem.

Learn More About Jobs at Kool Smiles

Starting your Kool Smiles career is easy. You can search our openings online to find the opportunity that fits you best. Or, contact one of our recruiters, and we'll be happy to discuss why Kool Smiles is the right place to launch your fulfilling dental career. 



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